Featured Fitness Fun — 30 May 2011
8 Tips for seasonal cycling

You took up cycling this summer as a promise to yourself to tone-up. Now your body looks awesome! You are convinced, cycling definitely has its benefits. Your life of good health and great tone has just begun. But fall is approaching. Bummer!

Glancing in the mirror at your physique you’re determined. Sending your bike into hibernation this winter is not an option. You want to look this good all year-round.

We agree.  Why give up those curves for a few drops in degrees. So what do you do?  How do you beat the chill?

It’s time to make the necessary adjustments for riding in cooler weather. Your best ally: adequate cycling clothing.  Here are a few pointers:

1. Dress in layers. The more layers the more heat you retain & cold you repel. Wear a top layer for protection from wind. Wear a base layer for heat retention.

On the upper body, wear a breathable, waterproof, windproof overthrow or jacket as an outer layer. Wind can seep through most porous clothing. Porous clothing usurps heat from your body. A wind breaker will cause the wind to circumvent the body – guarding your heat.

2. wear a breaker

3. Underneath the windbreaker wear a thick thermal material with wicking capabilities. Wicking absorbs sweat and pushes it away from the body, keeping you dry.

4. For the legs, there are various tights made for winter riding. These tights are constructed of heat retaining material and come in various thicknesses. Winter tights are effective and often stylish. Tights sometimes even come with bib extensions to shield the lower back and abdomen from cold.

5. Overshoes. If cold feet is often a problem for you, consider wearing neoprene overshoes. Overshoes act as a windbreaker for the feet. Most are usually reasonable in price.

6. Gloves. Protect your fingertips. Guard your ankles with thermal socks.

7. Wear a headband to buffer the cold hitting your forehead.

8. Stay hydrated. Don’t let the cool air fool you. When you exercise you perspire, losing fluid. Remember to keep that waterbottle full. Dehydration can occur in any season.

These are just a few valuable safeguards to help keep your chainrings spinning 365 days a year.

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