Featured Health — 02 June 2012
Detox – The Beginning of a Better Us

by Whitney Stanley, Special to GroupTrails.

We all have a moment when a light bulb shines bright above our heads and we wonder – why didn’t I think of that before? In that moment, one thinks if only they knew then what they know now my life would be much different.

Well, that’s what I thought when it came to my health. I was a garbage pail kid on my way to high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. I had a self-destructive lifestyle. For years, I have struggled with constantly fluctuating weight and no idea how to control it. I would start an exercise program and eat somewhat healthy. By “healthy,” I mean I would add a little lettuce salad and cut back on the potato salad.

Finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I paid a trainer and signed up for a boot camp class. It was HARD! I went to class every day, but my diet had not changed. I hadn’t eaten red meat in years, so I thought my diet was good enough. I saw a slight change but nothing really drastic. There would be personal issues that would come up and I would have the occasional bowl of ice cream, the work week would be difficult so I would hang out and have a few drinks with my friends, or I had a pretty good workout that week so I felt the need to treat myself with my all time favorite…CHEESE FRIES! But I was working out so everything would balance itself out right?  Only it didn’t. It wasn’t until I decided to train for a figure competition that everything began to change. The process was grueling, but I had finally decided to take my health seriously. I eliminated all processed foods and began to cooking 100% of my food from home. I learned during that time that I had an addiction to food, a problem which needed to be addressed.

At the end of the process I looked GREAT, but I didn’t feel great on the inside. Although I had been cooking all of my own food, I was still using the microwave to reheat everything. So not only was I killing all of the food’s natural enzymes, but I was radiating the food through the process of microwaving. I had begun the process of becoming a health coach, and needed to figure out the problem’s source. I was able to contact a wonderful health coach in my area who had knowledge of super foods, as well as raw foods and detoxification programs. I began to incorporate super foods into my diet and eat more live, whole and fresh foods. While working with him, I completed my first 21-day all-juice detox program.

From that time I have never looked back. I have been a health coach for two years now and a complete raw foodie for one year. I have never felt better in my entire life! I had to transform my mind and understand my relationship with food before I could change my thinking toward what I consume for food. Is it still a challenge? YES! Every day. But now I am equipped with the foundation to understand how to deal with a situation without turning to food as comfort. Now I spend my spare time working with people to uncover their connection to food and assist them with the necessary skills to make everlasting lifestyle changes. In all things we must have understanding, consistency, and unwavering strength to overcome anything in life that keeps us from reaching our personal goals. Everyone has a breaking point. What is standing the way of you being the best you can be? If it is something that you can change, change it, and it is okay to know when you need the help to make those changes a reality. Be proactive and take charge of your life. We all have one life in this body.  Live Life Well!

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