Featured Food Health — 06 June 2011
Nuke it at Your Own Risk

By Kristeen Uzoh
Special to Grouptrails

There have been several studies into the healthfulness and safety of microwave oven use since their proliferation in the 1970s. While the United States’ Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consistently states there are no risks of harmful affects associated with using a microwave oven, many international studies have proven otherwise. If microwaves are safe why did the Soviet Union ban their use in 1976?

How Microwave Ovens Work

• “Microwaves” are a form of electromagnetic energy like light and radio waves. They are found on the electromagnetic spectrum of energy. Although today we think of microwaves as an energy source for cooking food, they are also used to transmit long distance telephone signals, television shows, and computer data around the world.
• Each microwave oven contains a magnetron, a tube in which electrons are bombarded with magnetic and electric fields so as to produce a micro wavelength (microwave) radiation at about 2450 Mega Hertz (MHz) or 2.45 Giga Hertz (GHz).
• This radiation interacts with the molecules of the food, resulting in an alteration of the polarity of the molecules from positive to negative.
• With each wave cycle, this change occurs millions of times per second. This agitation of the molecules creates “molecular friction”, which in turn heats up the food.
• Sound safe? The problem is the process causes damage and alterations to many of the surrounding molecules.

The Research

• One small scale study of 8 individuals who consumed milk and vegetables cooked in a microwave oven found “significant and disturbing” changes in all of the volunteers’ blood. Hemoglobin levels decreased while white blood cell and cholesterol levels increased.
• In 1991, a Dr. Hertel conducted a large scale study that expanded on the findings of all previous studies. Dr. Hertel found an almost immediate and significant increase in leukocyte levels which, as he explained, are indicators of pathogenic effect on the living system, such as poisoning or cell damage. These increases occurred only after consuming microwaved food.
• Some of the nutritional compounds found in meat, vegetables and milk have been found to transform into carcinogens under the alternating current of the microwave oven. Others degenerate structurally as much as 60% to 90 %. Vitamins present in these foods also lose the ability to be absorbed completely by the body. Naturally occurring amino acids have been found to mutate into potentially toxic forms.

Health Problems Associated with Microwave Oven Use

• Lymphatic Disorders
• Increased rate of cancer cell formation in the blood
• Increased rate of stomach and intestinal cancers
• Increased rate of digestive disorders
• Gradual breakdown of the systems of elimination

Scary but True

• In 1989, a study was published that revealed that heating baby’s bottle in a microwave oven is extremely dangerous because while the bottle may feel cool to the touch, the milk inside could be unevenly heated with spots of scalding hot milk. This could result in burns to the baby’s mouth and throat. Also, built up steam in the bottle could cause it to explode.
• This same study also explained the effect that microwaves had on both breast milk and formula on a molecular level. Some of the chemical compounds either lose potency or actually mutate and become neurotoxic (poisonous to the nervous system) or nephrotoxic (poisonous to the kidneys).
• A 1991 lawsuit in Oklahoma claimed that a woman died from a blood transfusion after hip surgery. The family’s attorneys state that she died as a direct result of the blood being warmed in a microwave oven prior to transfusion.

Approximately 90% of American homes contain a microwave oven. But research has proven it creates unnatural molecules. It takes a car thief 90 seconds to steal a car. It only takes your microwave 30 seconds to steal your foods value. Which is the bigger thief? Sure a microwave is a convenience, but is it really worth your health.

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