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Your Digestion

by John Lewis, Bad Ass Vegan.
Special to Grouptrails.

Were you aware that digestion takes over 50% of our daily metabolism? A majority of the energy and fluids used in the digestive process are supplied through the blood. Therefore, your digestion is only as powerful as the blood and circulation to digestive organs. Work, emotional health, stress and many daily interactions pull blood from digestion. That’s why we should relax when we eat. Some foods, for example; cold drinks, cause restricted blood flow to the stomach. You should try to avoid all activities that divert blood from the digestive tract.

The first fifteen minutes after eating are imperative. A massive increase of blood flow to the digestive tract brings fluid to acid-producing glands lining the stomach. The corresponding lack of blood in the mind makes us feel sleepy. We’ve all felt this after a nice lunch. It’s important to try and relax during this time of sleepiness, even to the point of reclining on the left side. We should all learn to yield to our digestion, giving the body the time, space and blood it requires in order to properly digest food. After the stomach fills with fluids, blood will be released for other activities. Energy and alertness will return to the mind. Then alas, the afternoon siesta ends and we are ready to continue with our days activities.

John Lewis is a nationally certified fitness trainer.  Also known as the Bad-Ass-Vegan, Lewis is founder of the and He is a welcomed contributor to

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