Fun Spotlight — 06 June 2011
Cycling Growing Amongst Blacks

Visit your neighborhood park these days and you are bound to notice a new craze among African-Americans. Alongside the roller-bladder and jogger you now notice more Blacks cycling. And, get this, we are cycling in groups.

It was only a matter of time before we got wind of the many health benefits of bicycling, let alone, the beautifying and toning effect it has on our bodies.

For years cycling has been a predominately white sport. With the high cost of good bikes ranging from $200 and helmets broaching $40, a thirteen dollar basketball was a far easier buy for many of our parents growing up. Hence, cycling as a true sport, missed most urban areas. It was just plum too expensive.

But, now middle-class African-Americans are beginning to turn on to cycling, and with good reason.

Cycling allows the benefit of exercising without feeling like exercising. Workout in a gym and the setting never changes. The same smelly walls you left are the same ones awaiting you when you return. Cycle a bike trail and fresh air, green grass, and sun soothe your workout. You find yourself riding for hours, getting a great cardiovascular workout, while forgoing the redundancy of the gym. The hours pedaling is easily overshadowed by the relaxation of the ride.

Cycling accentuates a modern lifestyle. For the active personality, cycling can add sophistication to your lifestyle. You’re at the top of your game. Your career is in bustling. Money is flowing. Your car is the hottest. Your crib is decked out. And your physique? Well, that’s another question?

Here’s a better one. Have you ever seen an unfit cyclist? Consider the muscular toning effects of biking. It’s true. You can look as sexy as your lifestyle. Just cycle.

Biking can also present a business advantage. Business dinners and golf outings are cliché. Everyone is doing them. Yet, studies show a greater sense of mental acuity is achieved during exercise.

Why not pitch your next business proposal on a bike trail instead of the golf course. Most bike trails are aligned with bicycle rental companies to provide bikes and helmets on site. All that’s required is a nominal hourly fee. The change of venue may impress your client. Whose meeting will they likely remember, yours or your competitors?

Get aboard the pedaling movement early. With the increase in Blacks awareness of the benefits of cycling, you are bound to see more of us churning the streets cycling. The world was rocked once by the presence of one outstanding Black cyclist in Major ‘Marshal’ Taylor. But that was over 100 years ago. We are long overdue for another dominating Black cyclist. Could our next great cyclist come through you?

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