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How to Start Group Riding

Cycling is one of the most entertaining and rejuvenating exercises a person can partake in. There’s nothing like feeling the sun on your skin and the breeze flowing through your helmet.

The sound of the road as your tires hum beneath you. Their vibration as they grind the road. All are elements of a relaxing days ride. The ride could not have been better. Or could it have? How about taking a ride with a friend?

Many find group or buddy riding far more enjoyable than solo trekking. A cyclist tends to ride long when out with a group. The problem is, most cyclists are busy professionals with tight schedules. So finding a partner isn’t an easy task.

Here are 4 tips to help even the busiest cyclist develop his or her cycling network:

1. Bike Shop Mingling: As a way to encourage repeat business, most bike shops conduct free group rides on Thursdays and weekends. A bike shop representative usually leads the ride. These outings are an ideal way to meet other cyclists. Take business cards along so you can hand them out after the ride. Use one of our card if you don’t have one. (click here)

2. Network on the Trail: What better place and time is there to find a buddy rider then while out cycling? They also enjoy cycling or they wouldn’t be on the trail. Since they’re out at the same time as you both of you may have agreeable schedules.

Hand them one of our free BuddyRide cards with your name and email address on it. Keep some with you when on the trails. Your network may develop sooner than you think. Download our free BuddyRide cards (here).

3. Grow another Cyclist: If you have the leisure of owning two bikes you can nurture a potential cyclist by sharing your spare. Many who use the sharing-a-spare method report their friends soon begin showing a liking for cycling. They buy their own bike equipment then start initiating rides. Your spare bike then becomes available again for the cultivation of another cyclist.

4. Set up a Blog: Starting a web blog on a blogger network such as also may be good to reach potential BuddyRide partners. Blogs are easy-to-use webpages that allow the posting of questions or replying to statements. Blogs are simple webpages formatted like discussion forums. The idea is to create a stimulating discussion by posting an interesting question or topic. Viewers respond to the question and the exchange can seemingly go on forever. Many Blogs are free to use.

But a blog is useless unless people visit it. Make a flyer with tear-offs that has your weblog information on it. Pin it up in your local bike shops to draw traffic to your page.

If your flyer and blog are creative enough you may cause a stir in your area and never have to cycle alone again.

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