Group Talk — 05 June 2011
Black Women Do Work Out!

by Beverly Brown
Special to Grouptrails.

As a single mother of three sons you could only imagine the trials and tribulations that came about when staying in shape. When it came to finances, living conditions and keeping my little ones on track excuses was not an option, especially when it came to staying fit. Being a well fit mom was always something important to me because of how easy it was to gain weight from the three pregnancies, as we all know. After my first child I realized it wasn’t going to be easy to fit working out into my busy schedule being a full-time Nurse and mom. I began to purchase workout videos and small dumbbells to use while at home. This became a routine for me and which once old enough my son began to join in and he also has made fitness a priority in his life.

Not being able to get into the gym should never be an issue, little activities like walking the track while my son was at football practice is a small but major contributor to me staying in shape. I also surrounded myself with individuals who were all about what I was about because staying in shape is not something as simple as losing a couple pounds here and there it is and has to be a lifestyle.  By life style I mean making sure that whatever you’re doing it’s something positive towards a healthier life, for instance parking a little further when going shopping, crunches while watching TV during commercials, washing your car and even walking to the mailbox.

Having fun is the main thing that makes this lifestyle work like a well-oiled machine for me. We all want to look at a work out like a beating, but in all reality it’s not. Have fun, run, jump, play something that we’ve been doing all our lives. Live a little, if you’re having fun doing it and with people who also are, it will become second nature for you to get a workout in.

Black women’s diet has always been the #1 down fall in our community, but doesn’t have to be this way to keep our soul food tradition going. I recommend all of us using healthy alternatives like smoked turkey rather than ham, baking or grilling instead of frying, using low calorie sweeteners and even a low lactose diet are all things that can easily be changed for the better without sacrificing our culture.

My biggest motivation is having  black women in my community admiring my  dedication to staying healthy and fit, and would love to join in. I love sharing and teaching other black women that fitness is very import   in our culture.  I am a certified Zumba fitness instructor and I’m always encouraging  black women to share or start sharing everything that they have learned about living a healthy life and stop the stereotype  that our black women do not workout. Well I’m here to say that Black Women Do Work Out!

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