Group Talk — 20 June 2011
Quick Fitness for the Modern Woman

by Israel Aiesha.
Special to Grouptrails.

While on medical rotations, I rediscovered a lost art – the jump rope.  I’m too busy and too poor to have a gym membership, so one day I decided to buy a jump rope from a local thrift shop.  The rope cost me a whopping buck fifty.  It travels with me via air, car or train.  It’s compact and I can whip it out whenever I please.  The best part is, I can achieve high cardio activity by jumping in intervals in as little as 30 minutes.  Depending on what other exercises I’ve done for the day I’m guaranteed to burn at least 600 calories.  A brisk walk or core repetitions between jumping can really pile up the number of calories burned.

Jumping rope ranks high among the most cardio driven activities; it’s second only to jogging.  No treadmill is required for this healthy past-time.  It took me a minute to relearn the technique for jumping rope, as there is a rhythm one must achieve for high cardio quality.  You can jump rope anytime, anywhere, and most importantly, it’s fun!

Worried about looking stupid?  Don’t.  Ever wonder how boxers become so lean and coordinated?  They jump rope!  The weaving and bobbing requires serious core strength which jumping rope provides.  Jumping rope works the biceps, triceps, back, abs, quads and calves.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Jumping:

  • Not too much rope.  Adjust the rope as needed. Hold the handles and step on the rope; shorten it to where the handles reach your armpits.
  • Wear properly fitted athletic shoes.  Big shoes are hard to jump in.
  • Don’t jump too high.  It’s not basketball.  One inch off the floor as that’s needed.

Calculate how many calories you burn jumping rope using this user-friendly calculator link.  And as always, check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for a fitness routine. This will ensure you can withstand the impact and intensity of jumping rope.  Until next time, have fun!

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