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A Caveman’s Guide to Buying for Her

A simple buying guide,by Kristeen Uzoh

Giving gifts to the special woman in your life is a great way to let her know exactly how much she means to you. Choosing that gift, however, can be stressful and overwhelming. Where to begin? Regardless of your budget or your comfort level in a lingerie store, the perfect gift is easier to find with our guide.

Beauty Products
Every woman likes to feel gorgeous. So why not try a beauty kit? Like the Shany Makeup Kit by SHANY Cosmetics. The Sunset Collection, Extra Large features a wide array of shades. It comes complete with eye shadows, blushes, liners, glosses and more. Or the Bare Minerals Start Up Kit. This starter pack allows her to test out one of the fastest growing product lines in the world. The free Bonus Gift is sure to add more bang to your buck!

Experts say that memory is tied very closely to our sense of smell. So perhaps give her a perfume to lift her mood, her energy or the eyebrows of everyone around her. Think of her personality as you stand in front of your choices. Perfumes are generally classified as spicy, sweet or floral. Which one is she? If all else fails, smell several and stop when you get to the one that makes you think of her. If on a budget, try the bath shops, like Bath and Body Works. They always have delicious scents that won’t break the bank. Gucci’s Rush 2 is a deep, earthy musk with hints of palm wood and gardenia, and is a great day to day casual scent. Paris by YSL is an ultra-feminine floral perfume infused with rose and sandalwood with a touch of vanilla. The eternal classic Ralph Lauren Polo Sport is timeless, with a clean, sporty scent.

Creature Comforts
Sometimes the simple things make the best gifts. Gifts to comfort, soothe, and relax are always appreciated. Foot massagers, like the Jilbere Massaging Foot Spa, help ease tension from a long day and keep her feet soft and sexy! A Beautyrest Micro Mink Warming Throw is a fabulous way to wrap her in warmth on a cold night. The faux mink feels luxurious and decadent without the cruelty to animals!  Sunbeam makes a nice heated throw too.  And a beautiful basket filled with indulgent bath gels, salts, skin creams and spa goodies will brighten any day. These can be found at almost any store and generally fit into any budget.

Tech Toys
Guys aren’t the only ones that like high-tech toys! Ladies love having the hot new gadgets just as much! How about a laptop or tablet? Chances are there is a Kindle that will make your woman and your wallet happy. From the original, with access to more than 800,00 titles for $10 or less; to the Kindle Fire, with more than 18 million books, movies, magazines and more. Plus, with the Fire, she’ll never have to search for WiFi!   Other popular eReaders are the Nook and Kobo.  Or fill an mp3 player with songs she likes, songs that make her think of you and, of course, ‘your song’. Or load a digital picture frame with pictures of the 2 of you, highlighting great moments in your relationship, or even images hinting at times to come.

Enough said.  Diamond earrings, diamonds rings, diamond necklaces.  We love them all!

Jewelry Sets
Every woman loves getting jewelry. But if diamonds are not in your pay grade, don’t worry. If you’re not sure if you should buy a necklace or bracelet or ring, no problem. Boxed jewelry sets are an easy way to give the gift of sparkle. As a general rule, heart shaped is a safe way to go. The Unusual Freshwater Pearl Set includes teardrop earrings and a delicate bracelet and necklace to compliment almost any wardrobe.

Scented or unscented, candles are a good way to make a woman feel cherished. Something to let her know that she is on your mind. Beautiful designs with exotic flavors and ingredients from all corners of the Earth are in most malls and department stores, and inexpensive choices are available just about everywhere else.

Creative Ideas
Gifts that foster creativity make a woman feel that you cherish her mind as much as any other part of her. Stationary sets and craft kits can be found at just about any price point. Blank journals whether leather bound or paperback, encourage self-expression and creative thinking.

Regardless of how discerning her taste, every woman loves soft, luxurious cashmere. A coat, sweater or pashmina (like a big scarf) are sure to please. Even a pair of gloves will make her feel special without emptying your wallet. And with yummy cashmere, you can’t choose the wrong color!

On The Go
And for the woman on the go, gifts that bring the comforts of home to her commute never go unappreciated. A nice travel bag, briefcase, messenger bag can keep her organized and less stressed. Travel mugs let her take her favorite coffee, tea, soup, etc wherever she goes. Tried and true Thermos makes a 16 oz leak proof travel mug that comes in colors to coordinate with any style.

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