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The Ultimate Guy Gift Buying Guide

Buying the Perfect Gift for Your Guy,by Glenn Avery

There’s no question about it, you love your man.  But the love isn’t always conveyed in gifts you buy him.  The dress shirts, cologne, pajamas, and neck ties.  All are considerate gifts but all tank in the ‘awe’ department.  They only manage to yield a forced smile from your guy. This time you want more.  You want him floored.  Here’s how to do it. Below are three Guy Gift Buying Rules, guaranteed to garner his respect, and give him goose bumps.

Guy Gift Buying Rule #1  –  Buy him what HE likes instead of what YOU want him to have.
Remember the gift is for him, not you.  Be honest.  That cologne you bought was really for you, right?   It’s how you wanted him to smell.  Cologne is fine, but it’s a casual-day gift, not special occasion. Other common offenders are: gloves, socks, cologne, ties, and clothes.  Only get these gifts if he specifically asks for them.

We, men, have a script for unwanted gifts:  Hold our breath.  Act enthused.  Grin with a big smile.  Say “Yeah baby I love it!” Then pan over to the kids for the thumbs-up and Best Actor nomination.  Later, we jump online and surf for deals on stuff we really want.  Stuff like gadgets.  Let me say that again.  Stuff like gadgets.

Guy Gift Buying Rule #2  – Buy him gadgets.  All men like gadgets.

Name a guy you know who doesn’t like gadgets.  Take your time.  We’ll wait…….  You can’t?  That’s because there are none.  Men love gadgets like women love shoes.  There are thousands of gadgets.  The key is to buy gadgets of his interest.  Tech-heads like computer gadgets.  Sports-heads like tv gadgets.  Fishermen like fishing gadgets.  Car guys like car gadgets.   Entrepreneurs like efficiency gadgets.  Hunters like camouflage gadgets, and so on.  Simply put, you can’t go wrong with gadgets.

Guy Gift Buying Rule #3  – Keep the receipt and don’t get upset if he uses it.
Even the best universal remote won’t work on every tv.  Likewise, even the best buying guide may not fit every guy. Your guy may be odd.  So include the gift receipt. Remember, it’s not about your ego, it’s about making him happy.

Below are common Guy Gadget Gift Favorites:

  • Watches – Women compare purses.  Men compare watches.  Ever seen a watch flashed in a music video?  Enough said.  Business professionals tend to like watches with multiple dials.
  • Sports memorabilia – If you know his sport, you know what to buy.  Enough said.
  • Digital cameras – There are two types: point-n-shoots, and SLRs.  Point-n-shoots are small and more portable. They often record video and boast basic picture modes. The top point-n-shoots can record video in High Definition (HD).  That’s sexy!
  • HD video recorders – Much like digital cameras, video recorders come as portable versions or large full-feature units.  Make sure they record in High Definition. which simply means ‘clear picture.’
  • HD Flat Screen TVs– The bigger the better. I’m not sure when big TVs became synonymous with masculinity but they are.  So what are 720p, 1080p, and 1080i?  In short, they represent picture clarity. The ‘p’ stands for pixel.  The more pixels, the clearer the picture. Blu-ray DVDs, Playstation 3 games, and X-box games look AWESOME in 1080p.  Other of that, most will only need 720p since not many shows transmit at 1080p.
  • Blu-ray player –  (writer salivates)  Ever watched a blu-ray movie on a 1080p television?  I have.  Enjoyed it so much I needed confession the next day. (smile)  Blu-ray players are amazingly clear. “Father forgive me for I have sinned; it was Halle Berry.” Blu-ray players also have crystal clear sound and functions similar to a fast computer.  Playing blu-ray discs on a high definition tv yields the best experience.
  • Laptop computers – I’m often asked what specs to look for in a computer.  Here’s  a checklist:  320gb hard drive or larger, 4gb RAM or larger,  an Intel i3, i4, or i5 series processor or a dual-core AMD E-series or better;  a strong graphics card for a gamer, graphic designer, or video editor; at least 3 USB ports..
  • Mountain or Road Bike – Cycling is growing as the gym alternative for Blacks.  Buying him a bike puts him ahead of the trend.  Click here to learn about bicycle types.
  • Software – Business Operating Software like Microsoft Office, Idea Organizing software like OneNote and Visio, accounting software such as Quickbooks Pro and Peachtree, and dictating software such as Dragon.
  • Smart phone accessories – For men, Otter Box covers are to phones what Hummers are to SUVs.  Masculine!  We love Otter Boxes.
  • Computer Tablets – tablets are quickly replacing netbooks are portable computing options.
  • eReaders – Great gift avid readers.   Kindle Fire and Nook color are the hottest units.  Kindle 3 and the Sony Reader Touch are good non-color units.  Some prefer non-color for less eyestrain. Kobo is also gaining momentum.
  • Computer glasses –These reduce eye fatigue and allow him extended hours in front of a screen.  Awesome!  Gamers and tech-heads love these.  I have mine on now;  10 hours and counting. Popular glasses are Gunnars: Sheadog, Attache Phenom, and PPK.
  • Car radio and accessories – Be sure to pick a radio with an Aux In option so your guy can connect his MP3 player.
  • Shoes – Did you know they now have UGGs for men?  Nice!
  • Netflix Or Blockbuster online subscription – streaming videos are catching on.
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Video Games  – Yes, some men still play video games.
  • Visa & Mastercard Gift cards
  • Fitness equipment
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • L.E.D. flashlights – I can’t explain it.  But we like bright lights. Bayco 61 LED and NSP-1136 are good ones.
  • Tools

Following this list, will not only surprise your man, but a satisfied guy gives you leverage in gift-receiving.

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