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The Power of Microsoft OneNote

This week I trained an office manager on a software, that she owned, but never used. After the tutorial, the manager was amazed by the tool. She was excited about how more efficient and focused it could make her and her staff. What I trained her on was Microsoft OneNote.

Yes OneNote, that strange-looking software you’ve seen in your program list but breeze pass for Microsoft Word or Outlook. I personally, believe OneNote is Microsoft’s most significant software release since the creation of Microsoft Word. Still, few use it. Probably because they don’t understand its power.

Imagine having one software that can hold all of your files, all of your research, all of your ideas – all in one place. That’s OneNote. It’s like a blend of MS Word, Excel, MS Project, but with more organizing power. Microsoft OneNote 2010 – Download

Its usefulness to students, business owners, planners, or anyone with goals, can be invaluable. It’s like having a digital 3-ring binder that never runs out of space. A source for all of your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, video clips, audio files and PDFs. Once you try OneNote you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner. Below is a list of the features that’ll make you fall in love with OneNote. Or check out this brief tutorial.

1. Unlimited space for notes. Create unlimited notebooks, unlimited sections, unlimited pages, and unlimited sub-pages. That’s organizing power! Notebooks become subjects. Sections become topics. Pages become support material. Each section allows for password protection of content.

2. Drag and drop content anywhere. Unlike the linear nature of Microsoft Word, OneNote allows typing anywhere, and dragging-dropping files anywhere on the page. This freedom stimulates brainstorming and promotes creativity.

3. SideNotes allow quick note taking. Even without having OneNote on, you can still take notes quickly. Pressing the Windows Key + N key opens up a feature called a SideNote. SideNotes are small windows that pop-up allowing you to quickly draft notes. Close the SideNote and the note is automatically saved into an ‘unfiled notes’ page for future sorting.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 – Download

4. Capture and Import screen clips from anywhere. Often there are areas on the web you want to include in your notes. Hitting the Windows Key + S opens up a screen-clicking tool. This tool allows copying of anything visible on screen, then drops the screen-clip into a OneNote page.

5. Imbed projects files right into OneNote pages for quick access. No more searching for files in folders. Drag all of your files into a OneNote page and all of your support files are right in front of you.

6. Content is automatically linked back to source. Paste content into OneNote and it automatically creates a link back to the source webpage or file folder. This is an invaluable tool for researchers who often have to re-reference information from content they’ve cited.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 – Download

7. Never have to hit save again. Much like an active database, OneNote instantly saves all content entered into it. No more saving. No more losing content.

8. Fast Search for easy navigation. A powerful feature is OneNote’s search. One keyword search will return all content relative to the search regardless of the notebook it’s in. The search is even powerful enough to find words embedded within pictures.

9. Convert pictures to text. OneNote has strong Optical Character Recognition technology built within it. This means you can right-click on a picture and OneNote will read each word in the picture, and copy it to your clipboard for pasting. This can save lots of time by eliminating the need for retyping.

10. Create audio/video notes. One click of the ‘record audio’ or ‘record video’ button starts the OneNote recorder. This is an awesome feature for recording speeches and meetings. When finished, the media files are embedded right into the current OneNote page. OneNote can also playback the files within OneNote.

11. Also: Save to the cloud for team access; Create to-do lists; Import/Export to Outlook; and create equations right within OneNote pages.

Microsoft OneNote 2010 – Download


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